Saturday, 21 November 2009


I've bought soo many clothes lately with a few trips to Central, Camden and Edgware :P... I've aquired quite a healthy selection of bargains... I hardly ever but fully priced items btw...

Left: Flannel Shirt.. £19.99 down to £14.99 - Uniqlo Oxford st
Right: Cardigan..  £40 (If I remember correctly) down to £22 - Topshop Oxford st Boutique
Sneaks.. £54.99 down to £30

I got them!! .. I was going to buy them from 'Size' for £54.99 but then I came across and they had them for a lovely £30!! so they got purchased as soon as I got paid..

I Found these on a little trip to the Thrift Stores in Edgware with a good friend of mine.. they were just £6 each!! and in perfect condition... I need to do this more often!!.. I checked on the label and the denim shirt is actually from the Topshop Tall section hmm... The Scarf was £2.99 it is soo warm and cosy!! =)

Left: Levi's Cut off shorts.. I found these in Camden for just £10!! in Rockit
Middle: Fingerless gloves/mittens - Camden Markets.. they were meant to be £4.99 but me being me I haggled them down to £2.99 :P
Right: Bag- H&M Oxford Circus £14.99..
Leopard print skirt (metallic) - New Look £16.. Pretty pricey but I had to get an exchange

This was actually a bracelet which didnt fit so I just attached it to the H&M Bag

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Noodle-lad said...

I love that flannel shirt, it's way cool!