Saturday, 19 December 2009

Trends that catch my eye Part 1

As the year of 2009 is coming to an end I'd like to take a minute to just reflect on trends that have occured or even re-occured throughout the year..

#1 Chicks with partially shaveded heads

Ok well we all know Kelis is the Original Trendsetter on many things... she did this a while back

Cassie definatley made her mark with this one.. (I love the watch!)

Designer Melody Ehsani.. Love it*

Okaay even I jumped on the bandwagon..

My reasoning for this is that.. its just hair!! some people choose to grow their hair, staighten it, curl it, bleach it, cut it... and I wanted to do something adventurous.. &  I like change.. there will be more adventures to come!! :P

Ok hands down NONE of this would not have been possible without the true inspiration...

Britney!!.. I dont care, she rocked it like no other!!


Alexis Rae said...

looool... totally agree britney defiantly rocked it the best

HauteMangoGirl said...

wow you look way good with it!
also love it on cassie - she's so pretty, no matter what her hair's like.


Akpomena Rana said...

So need to get my hair done again.
Holla @ me when your going to that barber of yours.


Bitchisyoutrippin said...

Please please PLEASE can you tell me what hair you used.It'so lovely.I KNOW THIS IS QUITE AN OLD BLOG BUT KINDLY REPLY ASAP x