Sunday, 24 January 2010


5 Random facts about Mina:
*I am 7th of ten children
*I eat mayonnaise with just about everything
*ermm...I hate all feet but my own :s
*When I was growing up I'd change what I'd want to become on a daily basis heres just some of what I wanted to become.... an athlete, DJ, Vet, Model, Singer, Social worker & Bus Driver!! Yes. my mother had a long chat after she heard that one lol..
*I always bump into celebrities!!.. Kelly Rowland, Jay Sean, Pink & many more..

Hope you enjoyed my random facts!.. :P xxxx


thehoustongirl said...

Cool facts and you're so pretty!! :D love the pics!

take care! I'm just up catching up on blogs lol


Amandita said...

omg i love the first pic dope,,, wow I also had a period when I ate mayo with like everything,,, lol

Mina said...

Aww thank you!! thats soo nice!..
I completely understand! I think I'm like actually addicted to it :O .. ever tried a mayo sandwich?? lol I kid xx

Amandita said...

mayo sandwich is a MUST i love it !!! and what about fish-sticks/fish fingers with mayo ?

Mina said...

ooo im gonna have to try that!! xx

Lovelyladyjb said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I am 4th born out of 7. So I totally feel you on the family vibe.

I hate mayo, though. Sorry. You might never visit my blog because of it! lol

Question- Do you sing? You said you wanted to be a singer?