Sunday, 7 February 2010


Ok..I decided to do the nails.. Usually the patterns never work out as they just get smudged, then I get frustrated then I remove it all and start again (its an ongoing cycle).. but I was determined to keep them smudge free this time.. I was running out of black polish you see  :P  
Hope you like them (waited all night for these babies to dry!!) xx


NAOMI C said...

hahaha seems like you've put a lotta effort in making this !! but it looks good ! and i see you got the book 'the secret' I LOVE THAT BOOK EHH !!

Mina said...

lol yupp!! thanks!..
yea I read it over & over again.. keeps me motivated :P

Hav BwB said...

cute nails! yea it can be frustrating doing designs, I've struggled myself lol

Hav @