Monday, 12 April 2010

*What to do for the BIG 18!!?*

My Birthday is in less than a month on the 8th of May and I am stuck for ideas on what to do to celebrate!!
I was thinking of having a house party...
and having a 'Celebrity Theme' and well.. that's been my only idea.
What did you guys do for your 18th B'day??


thehoustongirl said...

Happy B-Day in advance!! LOVE the Taurus! :D Mines is May 9 and I will be 26 [i know right?!]

for my 18th i think my parents just took me out to dinner and i got shopping money :D lol i don't remember doing anything spectacular or anything


.Peach&Cream. said...

i Think its Great,
Your Blog is Lovly, Plz Foolw,

R.Paris said...

A celebrity theme sounds gd...if u do it up right, with red carpets, big balloons n big lights evrywhere.
Sounds boss.
i had a breakfast at tiffanys themed 18th with blue & white balloons, black dresses, pearls tht sorta thing.
If u wanna do celebrity maybe u should pick ur fave celeb n base ur party on their film or music video?
Good luck


Immature Gentleman said...

house parties get wild but i hope you enjoy your 18th birthday:)

Stephanie said...

ooooh ur bday is 3 days after mine!

Have a weekend in Amsterdam with some friends?

The celeb party idea sounds really good though!

I dig

Mina said...

Happy Birthday in advance to the Taurus people!! HoustonGirl & Stephanie Us spring babies gotta stick together lol..

- Amsterdam!?? haha I've heard many stories about that place I think I'll give that a pass! ..

- I think i'll go with the Houseparty idea as its pretty cheap, all I need now is a loud speaker! ...hmm

Thanks guys!!

Ms Kay said...

Omg I luv your blog, im following you now. Come check me out,Follow it & show me some love twitter @MsKayz ! Have a good 1 : )BTW my B-Day is May7th Go Taurus It's Ya Birthday ! Lol