Monday, 10 May 2010

*My 18th Birthday Bonanza!!!*

As you all know I celebrated my 18th Birthday this Saturday the 8th of May.. It was definatley a HIT!!.. I made it Celebrity Themed Fancy Dress.. Those of you who follow me on Twitter no that after changing my mind several times I decided to recreate Beyonces outfit from the Telephone Video..  

As you can see I was not too Happy at the start of the night.. Here im trying my best to smile lol.. For most of the night I was running around like craaazy giving people directions etc!! I didnt realise my house was soo hard to get to!.. And yes that IS was a wig lol..

Around like 2am I was able to relax and actually enjoy my party!!
Some of  my favourite pics of the night..
B & Minnie Mouse
B and a Black Madonna pre 90's lol

B, Hot Kitty, Playboy Bunny, & a 'Survivor' 

Party Vibes!!

The turnout was really good & It all went pretty well! I got a chance to enjoy myself once everyone got
there.. The only thing which bugged me was the DJ who played the song out till the end without mixing urrrghhh!!. I also recieved a nice few presents from my nearest and dearest.. Ill try and do a post on them soon..
Hope you guys celebrated my Birthday too lol x



ur outfit looks cute!

Mina said...

Thank you!! we worked hard on it! x

Miss Sarah Suzuki said...

Looks like an extremely good time. The costumes were nicely done. Happy Belated Birthday, hope it was a great one :)

Christine said...

You did a great job! Looks great.


I♥africa said...

XD thats exactly what beyonce looks like in telephone
good job!!!

Mina said...

haha!! thank you xx

Nabila said...

you look AWESOME xo

My Gold Hair said...

so cute your jacket!
Happy Bithday to u!
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That.Girl.right.Here. said...

great style for the night!

sam said...

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Fashion Delivers said...

I think it was a great party or what ?! :p

The pics are amazing !

Fre$h as $he Wannabee said...

your party looks RIDIC!!! amazing! how creative are to think of that concept :)..let me say that your lipstick is the shit..your makeup is on point...the B jacket is dope..and the weave hunny...well im a sukka for some fake hurrrr...good post hun

Halle Anderson said...

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Jessylicious said...

omg !! SO amazing *_* u look like beyonce ! i love your hair ;)