Thursday, 17 June 2010

*Random Pics*

Whilst Blogsurfin across 'Blogspot' & 'Tumblr' I came across some amaaazing pics!!  Heres a just a few of them, there was a lot more that I liked before I decided to start saving the pics for you guys :P
Where have these sneaks been all my life?? ( no really)

Love my Afro Chicks

Love Beyonces earring.

Ive just fell in LOVE with Nicki.. her style is crazzzy!!

Gotta love the amazonion "NO BS" chick

Hotness.. I want this hair colour!!



DaedaeLfashion said...

Your Blog is dope!

Anonymous said...

cool pics.. and to nicki minaj: i relly do like her a lot but dont forget that she's also just being inspired the most biggest is lil kim.. just sayin C: to ephasize that shes not the founder or something

Nicole.Jay said...

whooa. those shoes is hawwt.

Fabnay said...

Beyonce's top is so cute.

Maud said...

love the pictures

BlaqueBettyBoop said...

love what's going on, on this page

AestheticAnonymous said...

Your blog is cute :) btw those shoes are cute!