Tuesday, 13 July 2010

*I want THIS summertime*

Summer 2010 is finally here and the weather in London has been absolutely delicious!.. But there's just one thing, I have nowhere to go! lol (well apart from work) .. What do you guys have planned for Summer and/or what have you done so far?? 


Martha said...

lol so far the highlight of my summer has been chilling in the park :/
but there is only so much of that you can do. I will be heading to spain, reading festival and nottinghill carnival in August though :)

Koby Immanuel said...

lol im about 2 go 2 LONDON!..and New York,Toronto, and Israel lol im all over the place.


Ster n said...


If you want have party and enjoy this summer. I think Spain is nice. I live in Spain and if you want good sunny beaches, unbelievable paradises, a lot of hot guys from everwhere and drinking a lot come to Valencia (Spain) with some friends. It's cool. Mallorca or Ibiza are better than Valencia.

I like your blog, I follow you. Sorry for my English.


Anna said...

Today's politics and pop culture from a young liberal's perspective! I follow back=) -love your blog btw

Sara Louise said...

perfect for summer
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