Monday, 27 September 2010

*Premiere Gaou*

Im in love with this song!.. I dont understand a word they are saying but it sounds soo nice!.. if anyone knows what theyre saying help me out! lol .. I could be singing along to all types of profanities!!


Mumtaz® ♥♥♥♥ said...

This song is Dope !
I like it

FMD. said...

LMAO you don't understand !!!
It's not a very lyrics

Dyber x Kandy said...

It's an Ivoirian song, and it's about the fact that u are not an idiot 2 times lol

CC said...

ahhhhhhhh this is too much but my white friends just dont understand lol how could they?

Curvy Debbie said...

Oh u know Magic system??
Its an ivoirian song!
they say:

When I was broken my girlfriend Antou left me!

When i had some money, from morning to evening, we were together, at princess street, in the clubs, Santos bought chicken

When my money left, she left too, she took a new boyfriend

its life

Thanks god, I can sing
I made my tape,now you can see me on tv
From morning to evening I sing on the radio

Antou saw this she said the idiot get through this
Wait a moment, i m gonna take his money


And we say if ur an idiot once, ur not an idiot,
if ur an idiot twice, ur a true idiot!

Sunday Morning, knock knock, someone knocks on the door
Big surprise its Antou
We kissed and I say its been a long time
She tries to lie to me, she says honey i was travelling all around the world
Im yours now
Do what u want to do
Take me as a gift


I ask her what do you want to eat?
Without any doubt she says Jerk Chicken

I say honey you wanna eat jerk chicken?
Chicken thats not enough for u, u cant be full with it
Its jerk crocodile, i will give u
elephant well cooked,you gonna eat

She is mad at me, she wants to go in my house
If she comes people r going to kill me
I apologize, she accepts
She doesnt want jerk chickent anymore she wants plantain
If u want plantain, u gonna eat plantain tree
U will not use a fourch to eat this its too small...

(then they talk about all the ivoirien people who are idiot)

Gaou means Idiot!

@ CC: if yr white friend dont understand it can be normal, because in their song they speak french with an african accent, they finish their words with the sound "o" so sometimes people could not understand it!

ps: I like this song too, i was listen to it maybe 8years ago!

Mina said...

wow!! omg!! lol THANK YOU!! now I finally know what im actually singing!! =D xxxxxxxxxx

.DERNIER CRI- vintage... said...

looooooooooooooooool thse are the actual lyrics ... Check out my blog .. vintage fashion and everything celeb gossip, shocking videos and everything a londoner wants to say and knoww!!

Brown Sugar said...

here's their latest song.

xx Kisss