Monday, 25 October 2010

*Back in time*

I remember back in the day sharing a room with my eldest sister and she would play this album on repeat!! this was one of my favourites off the album (also the first track) so I'd wait till she left the room and hit the rewind & play it over again and again!!.. Hearing it now in 2010 I can relate  ♥ 

I recently heard Drakes version which I feel captures the true essence of the song.. 
What cha think??


Rachy said...

I love that album.....brings back memories!!!

I dunno if I like Drake's version


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JustNorman said...

drake knows his stuff I suppose.


Gina Ray said...

Love TLC... In Love With Drake... :)

Curvy Debbie said...

i like drake he is not hot but his music is so sexy!

True said...

love this song! check out marvin room

- True