Tuesday, 9 November 2010

*Procrastination at its PEAK!!*

Right now im supposed to be doing work, like I have a deadline tomorrow morning at 9am and its just gone past 7pm    =(   Ive  had the whooole day to do this work and heres a list of the things ive done to AVOID my work!!

1. Straightening my hair and doing my makeup  (with no intention of  leaving the house!!)

yup.. thats me, smilin like I got the work done! lol

2. Making and eating excessive amount of food!!.. I even made myself two omlettes!! I never make ommlettes!!

somethin like this, with loads mayo!!
3. Clearing out my room and rearranging my furniture (soo unnesesary)

4. Playing "Just Dance" the Nintendo Wii.. this game is amazing!! I reinacted Tina Turner on 'Proud Mary'

5. Attempting to make a sugar wax mixture I found on the internet which didnt work and took up around 1 and 1/2 hours of my day! ..

The list goes on and on.. and here I am blogging about it.. motivation please!! Im not promoting lazy behaviour, i will do it, just after I watch Eastenders, then take a nap, all this procrastinating has kinda wore me out :P   lol xx


Kenna Christensen said...

you're so pretty!!! cute blog! :)

S▲lly♥..... said...

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Mina said...

@Kenna thank you ! xx
@Sally Will do!! xx

Chic Therapy said...


Dee O. said...

You look absolutely GORGEOUS! I love your makeup :) And I procrastinate too girl, I swear it is a disease!! lol


ABIGAIL NY said...

Sounds like a good day. Love the hair and make-up, look pretty!


I'm Alee. said...

So basically you do the same random sh*t I like to do. Hahahaha :)

Gen said...

Well, we all have the right to be a bit lazy from time to time. I love your blog style. I´ll follow you. xoxo

Imani said...

Wow, I dont see how to could do all of that :D If it were me, I would stop and think: WTF??

Check me out sometime :]

Le garçon avec les lunettes, said...

cute photos!!!

Indigo said...

I LOVE proud Mary on the wii!

Curvy Debbie said...

lmaooo procrastination is all about fate! i have an essay to write for last week... and im still working!!

DaBlackSjp said...