Monday, 3 January 2011

*Happy New Year?*

2011 is finally here.. I would love to say that I started it off with a bang but it was FAR from it =(  ... from queing for 1 and a half hours to the club getting shut down at 2.30 when it !was meant to end at 6am!!.. Now I wish I'd thrown a houseparty!!

me sporting my new do!
1 of the girls & I.. NOT a fashion statement! lol I wore heels but put on my sneaks when they decided to finish at 2.30!
 I hope you guys actually enjoyed your NYE celebrations! either way 2011 has just begun and theres gonna be plenty of opportunities to have fun and make things happen.. 
Happy New Year to all my beloved readers!!


M I N G said...

You hair is prettty. I just dyed my hair that color.

Fashion Tales.... said...

very cute new do! Happy New Year!

Brandon said...

oh I like this blog!

Mina said...

Thank ya! =D

Curvy Debbie said...

i love your hair its like an adidas dress!

Rose Mode said...

you look beautiful =)