Sunday, 23 January 2011

*Introducing.. Wahiba*

Meet the lovely Wahiba! 19 year old Intern at eco-friendly 'Recognise' magazine. You may remember Wahiba from my birthday post a while ago but let me remind you that this young lady has it going oon! Soo much I could say here but i'd rather show you guys.. Check out my dear friend at. .
 P.S. She also got a thing for the CUDDER!! (gotta love her)


El. said...

aww shes prettty!

Wahiba said...


Love it, thanks doll!...I swear if we don't meet up this week I'm coming to your house, dragging you out of your bed and back into mine! Te Amooo! ;) haha lol

Weebz! x


Wahiba said...

p.s, I'm no longer an intern but manage and write the magazine's blog. It's so official now!

:D xx