Thursday, 13 January 2011

*Soo Nice I Gotta Play It Twice*

I recently purchased "The Lady Killer" by Cee-Lo Green and it has been on constant repeat!.. His songs remind me of the 60's & Motown era's which I completely love (to the point I wish I was born in the 50's so I could experience music in the 60's, 70's and 80's) anyways let me not get sidetracked!..

 Its soo refreshing to hear an artist of today make music to where they make you really feel what theyre singing about.. My favourite tracks on the are "I want you" and "Fool for you" If youve heard them you can understand why!!

I was totally impressed by the fact that he wrote and co-wrote most of the album.. Trust me, this album is the REAL DEAL!! lol 


ROS said...

I'll definitely have to check that track out, I love that kind of music

kirstyb said...

oh yes i was listening to him at the gym yesterday x

Rhea Harris said...

i hear its really good


Gabrielle said...

got this album to, love it!