Monday, 23 May 2011

*I Like*

Just a few random personality traits that I'm not too fond of or that I admire... I happen to know people that have a mixture of these but.. oh well.. 

I Dislike..

1.     People who judge/assume things about you because of the way you look/ behave
2.     Quitters
3.     Those who want all the luxury with no responsibility
4.     People who let their insecurities take control
5.     Negative people

I Like..

1.     People that follow their heart
2.     People that make plans with you and keep them!
3.     Ambition
4.     People who stay around because of ‘who you are’ and not ‘what you have’
5.     TALKERS!!.. Call me old school or whatever but I’d rather actually speak than Text, Skype, BBM or anything where I can’t tell if you’re really laughing at my jokes!


l'Oscar revient aux jeunes said...

Ommmmg , we likeeee !

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people always..... do this to me 1. People who judge/assume things about me because of the way i look/ behave ... i just continue being me great post by the way!

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