Wednesday, 25 May 2011

*Les Twins*

The other week I was shown a video of "LES TWINS" and omg these two guys are amazing!!.. I recognised their hair and thier signature backwards Jeans from "Just Dance 2" on the Wii.. 
 and THEN I saw them perform on stage at Beyonces EPIC performance earlier this week 

Besides them having super talent Les Twins Laurent & Larry Bergeois are too cute!! I just want to keep them and have them dance for me!!
Oh gosh!
Heres a video of them in action!.


tailorstitch said...

these guys are awesome! I'd never seen them until I watched beyonces performance

Lea DanaƩ said...

love yyour blog :)
follow u now!

hope u'll follow me too

hugs from

Amber said...

How cool! What talents :)

Polina Yunusova said...

i started to follow u baby
it will be great, if u will answer me in following and do it too <33

Omalicha Searching said...

hot boys...