Thursday, 19 May 2011

*They Call Her The Queen B*

Im loving the Choreography!! 
This look is Dangerous!
These shoes OMG!!

In conclusion it was too much for me to handle..
 I sat and watched Beyonces Video like this! (lol I need help)

What do you guys think of the Video and song??


Robins Love said...

The video was pretty great! She looked amazing but I hate the song! I honestly think its her worst ever! I watched the video muted because I just wanted to see how great she looked. The choreography was really good too!

DaBlackSjp said...

I really really really like it!
She rockkkkk and I like the choregraphie, the beat and the dresses <3

@WEcantWiNatHOME (twitter) said...

LBJ DWade @willallen_25 “STEP-UP & STAND-UP” @BMarshall19

@MRjimvinbur (twitter) said...

LBJ DWade @willallen_25 “STEP-UP & STAND-UP” @BMarshall19

Rose Mode said...

love your blog =)

I♥africa said...

beeeeyonce is soo hot :X

Xay B. said...

The picture at the end was hilarious and says enough lol
Que The Lights
QTL Images

Kheira said...

love the vid and the song!!! Queen B <3