Monday, 10 October 2011

*Just Listen*

I listen to Amy almost everyday and its pretty sad to know that I'll never see one of my ultimate favourites sing live. x


black panther said...

wow! got goosebumps!
i was really sad when i found out that she died. she had an AMAZING voice.
jazzy feel <3

Mina said...

I know right!.. So sad =(

Dinah said...

I wish people would have helped her more to get her off the drugs.
Her songs were the truth
we will prolly never get a talented singer and song writher like her. Her voice and style was truly unique

her death could have been avoided

she lacked inner strenght

all the love problems with the bad peter dorothey made her consume even more drugs

i hope we wont loose other talents to these senseless addictions

Costa Calzature said...

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kirstyb said...

love her music

Gina P. said...

What a voice!