Thursday, 6 October 2011

*Uni Life*

I moved into University halls last week and all I can really say Is that it was one of my most 'Different' weeks ever! University is a definitely a learning experience..
When I first got here It began to sink in that Im actually not a baby anymore in any way, shape or form lol. I then went into an internal panic mode as this was like the first time I'd ever been away from home alone!  Oh and I didn't leave my dorm room for a couple of hours!. To pass the time I indulged in a bit of Ice Cream Therapy and took random pictures .. ( So awkward I know)

After coming to terms with the situation I went into my dorm kitchen and to my surprise everyone came after like five mins and began socialising.. it all went uphill from there. Luckily.
As the week went on I was soo happy to find a group of people that I got along well with & who have a similar sense of humour etc... One thing I found fascinating was that you can never really know some one!.. e.g. Meeting some one in the classroom and then seeing how they behave later on at the club.. Its all good though.
Old & new followers I have my own Macbook now so I have no excuse not to be blogging on a regular basis :P xx


IamXcessP said...

Enjoy it!

Mina said...

thanks .. ill try! xx

M said...

aw the joys of university. couldn't pay me to go back! bahaha! have fun though and im glad to have stumbled onto your blog!
Love your hair by the way! :)


Asha said...

So your posting more often now, you know you have your mac that is .....?jk
love your blog you should blog more often mayb some outfits?

Léana said...

J'adore ton blog, il est vraiment génial ! Je me suis faite membre, n'hésite pas à faire un tour sur mon blog et peut-être te faire membre toi aussi :p