Wednesday, 2 November 2011

*Happy Halloween?*

I dont think i've ever been trick or treating but years ago and as long far as I can remember for Halloween I'd usually sit in and watch "Are you afraid of the Dark" Marathons on Nickelodeon.. But Halloween 2011 was pretty impressive.. 

Oddly enough his year was the first year I've actually gone out and "Celebrated" Halloween.. I wasn't prepared at all for my University's Vampire themed as I had planned on sleeping that but.. But in the spirit of the night I wore Red Lipstick? lol.. Anyway, they had a stall where a lovely make-up artist was applying fake blood, and all sorts of scary tattoos.. so me being me I had to try something!.. 

Beautiful isnt it!?

I wish I would have taken pictures inside the venue.. A lot of people were soo creative with their costumes!!..  I hope you all had a good Halloween whatever you decided to do! xx


An Iota Of Truth said...

So, did you have a good time?

Mina said...

I had a Blast! x

Plurielle said...

I love your hair style and color!!!


PreciousBlessing said...

olove your blog. let follow each others