Friday, 16 December 2011

*Hello Folks*

Hello all, although I've continued to abandon Le blog I still check the comments and the emails from a few of you guys just thought I'd say a big thanks!.. I love how complete strangers have such good things to say whether its about me or the blog :)
Around the last time I blogged theres been quite a few things going on in life.. Some bad and some good.. Either way I've realised that life is too short to not live each day to the fullest. I never understood why people would constantly say this but I think until you're in a situation which makes you think about how easily a life can be taken you may not understand either.. Sadly, death happens everyday, expectedly and unexpectedly but we have to go on living our lives. I just hope we as people can all live the life we truly want to be living and do it with no regrets =) 

Lots of love.. Mina xxx


Nadege said...

What a great message. Thanks for the reminder that live is truly a precious gift that we should always be grateful for.

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Rosevioletsem said...

i love your hair and makeup! your are beautiful. Check out my blog if you have time :)

Yolandaas said...

Wow I love your hair!!.. x