Thursday, 28 June 2012

*Day Four*

Yeah I know I hardly blog *slaps self* but whatever lol

In the past I have set goals and and targets for myself every now and again. Some of which I accomplish and some of which I don't. One thing I've found is that weight has always been something which I seem to always have issues with.. Throughout my teenage years I went from being average to VERY overweight to slim and then just overweight, which I am now aged 20. 

The thing about me is that I LOVE FOOD!.. I would trade my whole wardrobe for an endless tub of Ben & Jerry's & Chicken Wings if I could. But I cant. Back to the subject! I have had enough of my weight fluctuating and have joined the Gym with my sister and I am on a low-carb, low-sugar, high protein healthy eating plan which has worked for me before. I have also been jogging & I'm doing weight training in my room. 
Today is day four and Im starting to feel much better already!
Im 5'9 and a half and weigh 182lbs. My goal for summer is to lose 30lbs before I go back to University in October. This can be done. I refuse to ever be this weight again in life. Wish me luck!!

 p.s no weight loss pics yet but this is one of my most recent full body pics taken in december, I've stayed around the same since then.. and lets just say this was a good angle! :P xx

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Rosa Banana said...

You have a great body! Keep posting about your weight fighting, I think, it would be very inspirational for somebody. Wish you luck! And btw I love your hair. Followed)