Tuesday, 31 July 2012

*Insanity Day 1*

I'm still going strong in this weight loss journey and have invested in 'Insanity' and actually completed the workout. Let me tell you this. THIS WORKOUT IS NO WALK IN THE PARK. 5 minutes into the DVD I was begging for mercy!.. It is guaranteed results in 60 days (check youtube!) and the fitness instructor Shaun T and his fine self definitely keeps you motivated!..  xx


Entice Diamante said...

All the best on your weight loss journey! I'd love to find out how you like insainity! I've thought about trying it...but I held off..lol

- Entice

Wahiba said...

Missing you Arms!!! Love that your back to blogging...can't wait to catch up over food and hair ;) haha

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SanazAlamode said...

Good luck! I just started insanity 2 days ago. I plan to stick with it!

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