Tuesday, 17 July 2012


 Lost 8 pounds! My hard work in the Gym is actually paying off! Im so much more motivated than I thought I'd be. Besides the determination and a Gym membership I have found soo much inspiration on  the internet on a lot of Tumblrs also on instagram. Heres a lil taste of what I mean...

www.getfitwithnic.tumblr.com (Good body gyal!)
This is where my 'Fitblr' obsession all started out 'Getfitwithnic' has one of those bodys that will make you jealous and ashamed at the same time lol.. I love her blog as it has workouts you can complete at home and in the Gym. Check it out

So Inspirational!

For me the It's not just about being 'skinny', but being slim, HEALTHY and strong! Weight loss is not for the weak minded and it requires soo much hard work so if any of you are in the process of losing weight keep at it! It is definitely worth it in the long run xx


convanity. said...

well said, agreed! xx

Mina said...

Thanks Covanity! xx

Y Park said...

wow well done babe.

You have super hot body now

Y Park

Rosa Banana said...

Agree with you. I've lost 7 kg in the last 2 month and I'm having such a great feeling of being more healthy and full of life) It was quite hard (I'm a foodie), but not very and it is definitely worth it. I can't say I was unhappy before with my imperfections, but...)

La Mode DEmm - UK Affordable and Fashionable Trends said...

soo inspirational!!

circleofchaos said...

Thanks,for the follow.^^
Follow you back via gfc.

That girl; Saadiya said...

This is great, I've been getting into a lot of fitspo lately aswell and you just realise how important it is to look after yourself and be healthy!
Saadiya x


Vanessa said...

Heyy, i love your blog. now following :) and how do you stay fit?